Finally, a localization company for Philippine languages

A Philippines-based language service provider with decades of experience in translation, localization, interpretation, and English editing. 

Isn’t it stressful to continually search for freelancers whenever there’s a project involving Philippine languages?

Most Filipino translators are freelancers that do not have formal translation training. Project managers have a difficult time reviewing their work because some dont utilize computer assisted translation (CAT) tools, know how to enable track changes, or follow certain guidelines. 

A lack of language specialists in the Philippines makes it difficult for agencies to localize large amounts of content for the Philippine market. You need a partner on whom you can rely. 

Save as much as 25% on your total project cost

Recruiting, advertising, and training all contribute to the overall project cost. When you hire Lexcode to do your Philippine language translation, you skip all these steps and go straight to production.

Does this imply that you no longer provide other languages?

We accept projects in other language pairs. As you read this, we may be working with a few right now. But we’d like to emphasize our specialty in Philippine languages because it’s our strength and what our industry lacks. There are translation companies that specialize in Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, and other languages, but that’s not us. We are the translation company that specializes in Philippine languages.

But wait, is there even a demand for Philippine languages?

1.4% and 1.1%

Filipinos make up 1.4% of the global population and 1.1% of the US population. When it comes to #FilipinoPride, Filipinos are eager to purchase products or services that incorporate our culture and languages. Consider Jollibee as an example. 

Let’s do the math

There are four million Filipinos in the US, and we can assume that more than 20% of them would buy your product or service if it was localized in our language. If their experience is positive, they will most likely tell others in their community. A great source of free marketing. If your product costs USD 5, and you sell it to 800,000 Filipinos in the US, you’ve already made USD 4 million in sales.

This is just one example of how translating your content to our language could help you increase your sales. Another example, when Filipinos learn that a celebrity has a Filipino parent, they will research the person, listen to their songs, and watch their movies simply because they have Filipino ancestors. What would happen if you communicated with them in their language?

The film or song would be a smash hit!

A one-stop shop for your language needs

Translation, interpretation, editing, closed captioning, transcription, you name it—we’re a full-service company that you can simply send your file to, and we’ll return it once it’s completed. We hate it when our clients have to speak with multiple people just to complete simple projects. We can localize your products and materials and even do simple jobs, like diploma translation and email proofreading.

Personal and employment documents, letters, conversations, school credentials, etc.

Android and iOS apps, PC software, website, content management system, etc.

Transcreation, product labels, product descriptions, product catalog, manuals, etc.

Voice-overs, subtitles, closed captions, embedding, desktop publishing, etc.

Business meetings, over-the-phone interpretation, conference interpretation, etc.

Legal documents, presentations, manuals, product descriptions, essays, letters, etc. 

and many more...

Let’s work on your project

Were dedicated to providing excellent output and client service. Our team will help you meet your linguistic needs. 

Our clients love working with us

We’re straightforward and flexible. At Lexcode, we don’t do things by the book, and we make it easy to get started. We begin production quickly after all preparations are completed and consistently communicate throughout the engagement.

Tais S.


It's always very easy to work with Iña, Chaco, and Romeo. When I reserve the service, I can just forget about it, and they will take care of everything. The quality of the interpretation is 5 stars!

Juno R.

Individual Client

Fast and reliable transaction. It was a rush project but they still catered my request in a timely manner without sacrificing the quality of the of the product. Manager Margaret Lim is very polite, replies fast and and assisted me every step of the way. My sincerest gratitude to the translation team as well. Very good service! Thank you so much!

Cleng P.

Individual Client

The employees are approachable the translation is great, fast and reliable. Thank you Lexcode! Have a great day! And more clients to come.. Godbless and be safe always.

James Z.

Green Jakobsen Philippines​

We really appreciate how the attachments are organized and how the layout of the files is presented. Our team was able to continue with the next steps smoothly.

Liezel A.

Individual Client

I'm so glad to find this translation agency where all staffs are really prompt to help and assist you as soon as they can. Really legit one and very professional in all aspects. I highly recommend this agency if you need to translate some documents in other language. Thank you so much, LEXCODE!

Lea B.

Individual Client

I found out about Lexcode Inc. when I was looking for German translation services. I was really impressed with their professionalism and their fast response time compared to other translation services. They were able to deliver my translated document in a short amount of time without compromising quality and professionalism. It also offers a competitive rate for its exceptional services. Lexcode Inc. is definitely one for the books!

Edict N.

What If MNL​

Special commendation to Romeo who guided us all throughout this journey. His knowledge about interpretation gave us the credibility to the client. Outstanding job!

Veronica D.

Individual Client

Thank you so much for the very quick and efficient service! I found Lexcode through a Google search of translation companies operating in the Philippines. Any issues were resolved professionally and quickly; and the project manager and admin staff who handled my documents were very approachable and easy to talk to. Outputs were also of great quality and delivered within 1-3 days of contacting the company. They also do notarization services for the translated documents!

Acee V.

Individual Client

I'm happy to have worked with Lexcode in translating legal documents. The project manager is very efficient and did everything she could to accommodate my needs. I definitely recommend Lexcode for any translation services you might need.

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